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Janny de Moor is a freelance culinary writer and photographer working from 't Harde, Netherlands. She has written 25 cookbooks and publishes regularly in the Dutch nationwide newspaper Trouw. She has read papers on the history and future of food and the culinary arts at international meetings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, the Buckland Club Birmingham, International Flavors and Fragrance Inc., the World Association of Cooks Societies. She is willing to give keynote presentations on various subjects by arrangement. Her firm Janny de Moor Culinaire Producties has produced recipes and promotional material for multinationals like Nestlé, Albert Heijn, Nutricia and Honig. She was a co-organiser and text writer for several culinary campaigns in the Netherlands. She was the Chief Editor of European Cookery: Tradition and Innovation for which she cooperated with cooks and culinary writers from all 25 countries of the European Union. Her most successful book was Groot Arabisch kookboek [Comprehensive Arabic Cookbook] for which she travelled extensively in the Arabic world. The third edition of this work appeared 2007. Her most recent books include Dutch & Belgian Food and Cooking and Nederlandse kookkunst: Een kostelijk verhaal. [Dutch Cookery: A Delicious Story]. Janny de Moor studied Classical languages (Greek and Latin) as well as Semitic languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic) at the Free University, Amsterdam.

Janny de Moor has won the prestigious Wina Born award 2004 for her book Wijn in de keuken.

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