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Allan’s bread (Sweden)


Baking tool:


Dough (makes one loaf):

Everything is beautiful in the wooden kitchen-diner of my Swedish friend Solvi Mettinger. I admire the rail from which fine China teacups are hanging, the waving lace curtains, the gorgeous wall decoration made of cords and wooden beads. All her own work. But the showpiece is the substantial pair of antique scales, which she uses for the preparation of the rich pastry collection we are enjoying. “This is a present from my father-in-law Allan. He became a baker in Helsinborg when his farm had burnt down. My mother-in-law was a baker’s daughter and she had always kept the traditional recipes carefully. These were just what they needed. I still have one of his bread recipes.” And she walks to the cookbook shelf, where she keeps more handwritten than printed recipes, for Solvi is a real queen of the kitchen, just for fun. Her explanation is a piece of luck. Recipes for daily bread are rarely written out. They are passed on from generation to generation through manual demonstration, accompanied by oral comments. So it is my good fortune that Solvi is willing  to share Allan’s written recipe with me. A stunning bread that  does not need kneading.