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Autumn harmony


Serves two:


Villages on the  Veluwe, a wooded region in the middle of the Netherlands, welcome visitors in autumn with a market full of seasonal products, accompanied by the local amateur brass band which enthusiastically plays popular music under the falling leaves. Eventually their harmony is rewarded with a hearty meal. Sweet chestnuts predominate, harmonizing with other autumn vegetables. The shiny chestnuts can be found all over the Veluwe. We once collected them diligently. But since the day our whole harvest turned out to be infested by worms we definitely  prefer a can.

Oh yes, if you abhor canned food, you can prepare them yourself, but it is quite a job. First cut a cross in the top, and put them for 15 minutes in an oven preheated at 200˚C. Peel them while warm (the bitter dark skin has to go: difficult!). Thereafter boil in water for 10 minutes. And in this case, finally mash them.

A nice side effect of this dish is that you can put leftover vegetables in it because the above combination is only an idea. After all, every recipe should be open-ended: tastes differ.

Wine: white Côtes du Rhône.


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