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Brazilian shrimp pies


Baking material:


Crust (for 12 pieces):


From a culinary point of view one can safely say that Brasil is for Latin America what France is for Europe. Eating is something very important there. It is said that a Brazilian foodie will swim the whole Bay of Rio when he hears that the empadas on the other side are better.

Here I offer a recipe for Empadas de camarão. These can be made smallish (empadinhas) and then are served as appetizers. The bigger ones are eaten seated at a table and served with a truly Brazilian salad.

Our filling originated in Cozinha Baiana, the kitchen of Bahía, the most famous of the six Brazilian culinary regions, with strong African influences. Most important ingredients: palm oil (dendê), coconut, fresh coriander, shrimps and hot peppers, ingredients all found here.

Eat with Salada: