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Butternut squash with chick peas


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Many culinary writers think that gourds/pumpkins are of American origin. But paleontologists are of opinion that this non-perishable species, just as the coconut, floated over the ocean from Afrika to America in prehistoric times. Pollen of the bottle gourd (cucurbita lagenaria siceraria) for example are found in the grave of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II (1200 BC). After patiently scraping the skin was used as a bottle according to old texts from  Syria (Ugarit 1300 BC). This still happens in the Middle East. And in a recently translated Syriac cookbook (1250 A.D.) several recipes for bottle gourd are found.

However, as a matter of fact 7000 year old residues of the species are excavated in Mexico. So if the paleontologists are right this fruit must have discovered America very long before Columbus!

Here al- qar’a bi-hummus, a modern Middle Eastern application of the young American pumpkin hybridization ‘butternut squash’ (cucurbita moschata). We human beings keep going on with what goes down well. Everywhere!

Wine: Rosé d’Anjou.


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