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Caramel waffles (Goudse stroopwafels)




Waffles (yield about 20 pieces):




These split waffles with a layer of toffee in between are a speciality of the Dutch city of Gouda, but have been made popular all over the country by itinerant waffle bakers who sell them at markets and fairs. Now it is a big industry. You can buy stroopwafels in every supermarket, and the waffles are even exported to the United States.

It is generally agreed that the name wafel, wafer, wafele (Middle Dutch) must be derived from the Germanic verb weben (to weave). Those biscuits owed their name to their appearance as a coarse type of weaving resembling a honeycomb: German Wabe.

Information about the origin of those waffles you can find under the button ‘And furthermore’ entitled ‘Wafers and waffles’ on this website.