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Endive as at home


Serves four:

Always with meat balls.  Our dear gehaktbal, in former times king of pubs and sandwich bars, is still the most eaten meat preparation in the country today. Some champions accomplish to make 10 big balls out of 500 g! Every Wednesday is mince day at the butchers in the Netherlands. Even undergraduate students, usually culinary adventurers, treat their occasional bouts of homesickness with this traditional dish.

Right they are! At the beginning of our era Latin authors wrote enthusiastically about intibum: helps against a weak stomach, heart palpitation, podagra and eyesores. A bit overdone, but surely the bitter leaves, due to inulin, are very good for your digestion.



If you prefer a softer, juicier ball, take half minced beef, half pork. Knead with two slices white bread soaked in milk and squeezed instead of crumbs. For the rest follow the above recipe.

My mother in law, educated in the Hague, liked to serve her cooked endive mixed with a sauce, she made by melting  20 g butter, stirring in 25 g flour, and all the time stirring slowly adding 2 dl warm milk and some salt. Of course with a lot of nutmeg over it. Then you need less gravy. Although we Dutch adore mashing potatoes in puddles of gravy. Our Belgian neighbours maintain that we drink it.


Menu suggestion: