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Lamb stew with green beans and aubergine dip


Serves two:





On festive occasions beautiful damask cloth decorated the tables of our Dutch great-grandmothers, but authentic dishes from Damascene regions were hardly ever served. In the seventeenth century French chefs – followed by their docile Dutch colleagues – had sworn off  spices from the East. Silly! Culinary art of the Middle East has been recorded in Babylonian texts dating from 1500 BCE and even so long ago herbs and spices were common ingredients. Compared to that ancient tradition European cuisine is still wet behind the ears! An example: Ghanum ma’a lubi with Baba gannudj.

Baba gannudj, ‘spoiled daddy’ is the name of an aubergine dip in the Middle East. Whoever that pampered gentleman was is wrapped in mystery. Fact is that among family Arabs prefer to call it Mutabbal (spiced): father does not like to be joked at. Formerly you had to make a real effort to spoil the master of the house with this treat. The aubergines should be placed onto a charcoal fire (preferably with pine apples in it) until the outside is crumpled black and the fruit has shrunken a great deal. This lends the baba  a smoked, lightly resinous taste. Excellent for the barbecue. Otherwise you have to put them for at least 40 minutes in a hot oven to get them quite done. Today there is still another method which you will find below.


Garnish: Aubergine dip

Serves one: