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Lentils with mango


Serves two:


Mango is the most eaten fruit in the world. And just as with apples the most exiting stories are told about it. The Vedic scriptures of India see the mango as a transformation of the Lord of Creation/Procreation. But we are also told that the doughter of the Sun, married to the king became a lotus flower to escape a wicked witch. The king fell in love with the flower after which the sorceress burned her to ashes. From this ash the mango tree evolved, and when she fell to the ground as a ripe fruit she came to life and the king could embrace his great love again.

In the Philippines too the tree is connected with love. Girls married off to men they did not love, could not live on. From their hearts grew the mango tree with its heart-shaped fruit.

In many countries you can buy the fruit ‘ready to eat’. Then they have to yield to a light pressure and spread a nice perfume. Black spots mean rottenness. When the fruit is still hard you should follow the advice of Madhur Jaffrey, Indian cookery writer: wrap them up in newsprint and put them a few days in a basket.


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