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Moors and Christians


For two:







With the following recipe I obviously have a personal tie.

From half March until half April in Spain feasts are organized that remind of the several conquests and losses during the eight centuries that Spain was ruled by the Moors (Muslims from North-Africa). Excitingly  dressed people replay the invasion of the Moors and their definitive expulsion by the Christians  in 1492, when the last Moorish stronghold, Granada, was seized.

Moros y Cristianos  they call the dish that puts these happenings in mind. The name seems to be invented by Spanish colonists in Cuba who saw black beans for the first time in their life over there. They liked food jokes such as ‘old clothes’ for  stewed meat and ‘nun’s belly’ for a pudding. Dutch people were no better with their ‘Moor’s heads’ and ‘Negro’s kisses’!

What you find here is a version from Spain where Moors and Christians live peacefully together and seem to get along very well. Of course not surprising to me!

Wine: White Rioja or Chilean Sauvignon blanc.


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