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Norwegian waffles


Baking tool:

Every day waffles (makes 12):


Cream waffles (makes 8):


In Scandinavia people like to bake waffles. A smart idea when you have to go a long way  for a bakery. Sweden knows even a national waffle day, Våffeldagen, on March 25, because that name is very much like Vårfrudagen (Annuciation Day), which is celebrated at that date. But in Norway everday is waffle day considering the Hverdagsvafler, made from what the pantry offers. A so specific titbit that emigrants call them Hjemlengsel ( homesickness). Those are still served in Norwegian Seamen’s Churches all over the world.

In this case we can speak of a real old tradition for waffle irons scratched with runic characters are found, dating all the way back to the 7th century. And the Norsemen obviously could not do without because it is certain that they introduced the irons in England around the year 1000. No doubt the use of cardamom is also inspired by the travel-mad Vikings. It is a Middle Eastern taste, that only in Scandinavia was incorporated into the national cuisines. Here you will find two of the numerous waffle recipes.