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South Holland Cheese Dip


Serves four:

Zuid-Hollandse kaasdoop.┬áEating at my grandmother Jannigje’s farm, was always a feast for us children. No prescriptions for fork and knife and where you had to keep your hands, just pick up a hot potato* from the pan and dip it into the pipkin with fat. Yes in the style of the famous van Gogh painting, but happily. A real feast was the cheese dip, made with her wonderful cheese – she was one of the best cheese makers in the province – eaten with small new potatoes and a green salad. So for the right taste you need a young farmhouse Gouda, made from raw milk.

* This way of eating is the origin of the saying ‘he speaks with a hot potato in his mouth’ when somebody has an affected pronunciation of the Dutch language, as in The Hague.

** When in the Netherlands you can visit cheese farms. There is brochure with addresses, where you are shown the whole process and buy the cheeses. Of course farmhouse cheese is also for sale in supermarkets.