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Suma’s Eggplant Patties (Aubergine)


For two:


Chickpeas with spinach:


Sesame sauce with parsley:


Eggplant/Aubergine patties:

Suma and Fatma’s house is located across the Nile in Luxor, near the Valley of the Kings. We wait for breakfast in the high reception room with couches. It takes a while, because it is a hot meal and Suma and Fatma are working on the ground with oil sets. And how! When they come in with their bowls full of steaming golden brown aubergine patties and beautiful chunks of farmer’s bread, I think timidly about my own kitchen equipment: how much simpler can it be! At least for betingan maqli (fried eggplant), with sesame sauce and parsley (tahiniya bi‘l bakdunis), a royal Egyptian breakfast that can also be enjoyed as a main meal. Especially with the (Syrian) side dish I propose here: chickpeas with spinach (hummus bi sabaneh). On the picture: Suma at her oil burner.


Menu suggestion: