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The Hague breakfast


Baking tool:


Dough (makes 40 buns):


To decorate:

Haags ontbijt. The city of The Hague is the site of the Dutch government. Since our politicians are masters in making a lot of fuss about small things and since the income of Dutch politicians is purportedly low, we use to say: ‘In The Hague, you know, they put the cheese from one slice to the other’ (In Den Haag dat weet je, legt men de kaas van het ene op het andere sneetje). However, this can be done even better. A single slice of cheese will be sufficient to cover four of the small soft buns the citizens of The Hague are so fond of.

These buns are ideal for a festive breakfast and always a big success at picknicks and barbecues as well as at children’s parties (allow them to form the buns themselves!). You can bake them long beforehand since they freeze well. So it’s worth keeping a bag in the freezer for unexpected visitors.