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Cassava starch crêpes

Baking tool: non-stick frying pan, bottom 18 cm diameter sieve   Dough (makes 10 crêpes) : 350 g tapioca starch about 210 ml cold water pinch of salt During an international Slow Food gathering I was happy...
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Korean pancake

Baking tool: non stick frying pan, bottom 20 cm diameter   Batter (makes 4 pancakes): 240 g buckwheat flour 1 tsp salt (4 g) 400 ml water   Dip (Cho Chang): 6 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp white...
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Baking material: poffertjes plate (with 19 holes) for sale at cookery shops can be ordered via the internet a brush for greasing     Batter (makes approximately 60 pieces): 200 g plain flour 50 g buckwheat flour ...
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Uyghur festive bread with spicy chicken

Baking tools: thin rolling pin 50 cm, (piece of broomhandle) non stick frying pan, bottom 22 cm diameter Chicken (for 2 persons): 1 tablespoon olive oil ½  teaspoon cumin seed ½  teaspoon szechuan pepper ½ ...
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West Frisian pancake

Serves two: 1 small or halved cauliflower 125 g diced lean smoked bacon 50 g plain flour 3 large eggs salt 125 ml milk 6 scallions, coarsely cut (without the dark green ends) parsley...