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2004: European Cookery: Tradition and Innovation

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Meet the matchless cuisine of Europe! Here most culinary traditions of the world have originated. Here a constant process of innovation has set and is still setting worldwide trends in exquisite cookery and intelligent use of nutritional resources. Europe’s diversity is the secret of the boundless creativity of its chefs.

This diversity deserves to be defended against the globalising tendencies of our age. Therefore the Dutch foundation l’Europe à table, a long-time advocate of original European cookery, has started the project European Cookery: Tradition and Innovation. Janny de Moor (chief editor) and Nico de Rooij (managing editor) jointly produced this book with the support of the European Commision, the European Parliament and government offices of all 25 member states of the new European Union. Regional products and popular national dishes appear here often in a completely new guise.

Never before there was such a golden opportunity to meet Europeans in the relaxed atmosphere a good meal of their own creates. In this lavishly illustrated cookbook famous chefs from all 25 countries of the extended European Community proudly represent their countries with complete menus, both traditional and innovative. It is a prime example of European cooperation while maintaining the best of diversity.

Every country has its own section, for which it has selected a well-known culinary writer and two outstanding chefs, one presenting a traditional menu, one an innovative menu. Moreover, every nation presents two or three products of agriculture or food industry which may be regarded as typical of the country. Entertaining introductions, maps showing the most important regional products and useful statistics complete every chapter. A good index helps you to find your way.

This is more than just a cookbook, it is a milestone in the history of European cookery and an indispensable guide for anyone wanting to sample its riches.

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